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Address potential safety hazards before injuries occur with our on-site playground inspectors

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Automate safety
on kids playgrounds

Our team will identify and prioritize safety issues with your outdoor recreation area, including equipment and surfacing.

  • Documented results of each play area
  • Prioritize hazards and remediation options
  • Budget and plan expenses efficiently
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Manage results
See your results in a cloudbased convenient dashboard.
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Prioritize hazards quicker
Prevent injuries by addressing most urgent items first.
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Create effective budgets
Reports that help show you what to expect to spend.

Focus on your
core processess

Our processes help you increase efficiency, allowing you to focus on core tasks and achieve peace of mind through overall better risk management.

  • Reduce time-consuming processes
  • Free resources without an in-house team
  • Automate reports for council or board members
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Reduce costs
in multiple layers

Save precious time and labor investment by eliminating the strict technical knowledge required to inspect commercial playgrounds.

  • DIY annual training average cost over $1,000
  • In-house specialized talent base adds costs
  • More effectively spend maintenance dollars
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Prepare for the

Injuries on playgrounds contribute to more than 200,000 hospital visits annually. Are you protecting your organization from being a statistic?

  • Are all audit files on record and up-to-date?
  • Is your equipment beginning to show age?
  • Is this a reaction to an injury or preventative?
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Maintain control
without the burden

Our processes provide clarity for maintenance. It helps that every inspection and audit is performed by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector.

  • Retain all sensitive data in a secure place
  • No lengthy contractual agreements
  • Our fine print is easy to read
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Indispensable product with a great team behind it

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You’re a business professional, not a playground inspector. helps you focus on your organization, so you can do what you’re great at!

Know the exact priorities
for each site

The most useful maintenance is performed with accurate data. Your maintenance staff will be able to target efforts specifically towards what needs to be fixed when it needs to be addressed. All of this results in a safer and longer-lasting recreation area.

Know the exact priorities

We are budget-minded
problem solvers

It’s not just about inspecting a playground, it’s about isolating priority issues and suggesting affordable fixes to those problems. Our inspectors are not there to upsell your team. Our goal is that your recreation area is successful, and for that it needs to be safe.

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Ready to prioritize hazards?

Get your maintenance staff aligned to the most important tasks.
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