Playground Inspection Schedule

When it comes to playground inspections, it’s important to note that there are two types of inspections that should take place: routine and periodic.

Routine inspections are carried out weekly or even daily, depending on the size of the playground as well as the frequency with which it’s used. Generally speaking, the larger and more frequently used your playground is, the more frequently periodic inspections should be carried out.

Periodic inspections, on the other hand, occur less frequently yet are much more meticulous. Performed by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector, a periodic inspection takes a comprehensive look at the state of your playground in order to learn what, if anything, needs to be altered. Over the course of a playground inspection, your CPSI will hone in on three primary issues: improper surfacing, inadequate maintenance, and manufacturer defects. If your CPSI finds an issue, they’ll not only alert you to it, but offer specific remediatory guidance so you can correct the issue(s) in question. For more information, head on over to the Playground Inspections page.

Both routine and periodic inspections should be part of a top-down playground maintenance plan, which should include three key elements: who will perform the inspections, the frequency with which inspections will occur, and what type of inspections will be conducted. Ideally, this maintenance plan should be developed before, not after, a playground is constructed. Dedicating specific individuals to maintain your playground will be crucial in ensuring proper maintenance is conducted regularly.

By incorporating both routine and periodic maintenance into your playground safety plan, you’ll make your playground a safer, more welcoming place for kids and their parents.