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Over 100 years

Over 100 years

of combined industry experience


and operated out of Indianapolis, IN
Made up of a team

Made up of a team

of Certified Playground Safety Inspectors
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At Playgrounds.com, we prioritize the safety of all children at play.

That is why we have assembled a team of playground experts to help those responsible for maintaining play spaces for kids. Our team can detect many potential safety issues before any injuries or other mishaps occur.
Playgrounds.com was established in 2021 with a team operating with over 100 years of combined industry experience. Playgrounds.com is part of NVB Playgrounds, Inc., which includes two playground companies, all based in Indianapolis, IN. We know this industry inside and out and we want to share this experience. When it comes to purchasing, and especially maintaining playground equipment, the number one priority of any playground manager should be ensuring the safety of all children who play on it. In addition to precluding potential lawsuits, proper playground maintenance will set apart your playground from others in a positive way. If parents and kids are offered a choice between a playground where routine maintenance keeps the equipment in seemingly new condition, and a playground where the equipment has suffered from years of weathering and degradation, the former will surely seem much more appealing than the latter.
Our founder discovered an unmet need for school corporations, park districts and multi-family property groups. They went through the playground planning process, chose their equipment and had it installed. But many are often unsure about the maintenance and inspection processes that follow. We can streamline the maintenance process to minimize the burden on administrators and reduce the risk of playground-related injuries while sticking to your budget. By offering guides and tutorials, as well as consultations, inspections and audits, we can make play safer for children. Because child safety is of utmost importance, there are many regulations and standards to consider when managing a playground. That’s where we come in. At Playgrounds.com, we offer a three-pronged approach to playground safety that consists of inspections, audits, and targeted maintenance. By enlisting our help in maintaining your playground, you’ll never have to worry again whether your playground meets safety standards. With our help, your playground won’t simply look good as new, it will be good as new.

Our Team Leaders

Petros Papageorge

Petros Papageorge, CPSI

Petros is an experienced Certified Playground Safety Inspector. In his freetime, he likes to take his little one to the playground, play some golf and spend time with his family. He is passionate about making sure playgrounds are safe, so kids like his own can play like kids.

Derick Hancock

Derick Hancock, CPSI

Derick is a CPSI with years of experience in playground inspection, compliance, and design. With his playground safety expertise, Derick is an invaluable member of our team. In his free time, Derick enjoys playing video games as well as tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons.

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